Mechanical Rentals

From Rock Walls to Bungee Trampolines to Dunk Tanks, Solid Rock Sports has you covered for your next event rental. We even have a combination Rock Wall and Bungee Trampoline.
"The rock wall was a real hit with all my guests. It's amazing that many people don't know how to find a company like yours. I only want to use people I am extremely comfortable with and you folks are right there with the best of them. I'm still getting mobbed with calls. Thank you!"

- Robert

With the popularity of inflatables, sometimes mechanical party rentals get overlooked. We at Solid Rock Sports do not want you to make that mistake. Our Rock Climbing Walls are some of the most frequently rented and requested party rentals that we have. Now you might say that people are just renting the Rock Wall to impress their guests because of its large size. While that is not a bad idea and some Ohioans may be motivated to rent our Rock Climbing Wall for that reason, their is no doubt that they rent it every year after because it is so much fun for all the guests at their event.

One of the great things that we offer with our Rock Wall is the option to make it a combo and add the Bungee Trampoline. The story on these Bungee Trampolines is an interesting one. These were originally developed to help gymnasts train. By using a Bungee Trampoline, gymnasts were able to safely practice their form as they tried new flips twists and twirls. The good news for you is that we are giving you the chance to do some of the fun and acrobatic flips that you see throughout the Olympics or your daughter's gymnastics recital. From big kids to small kids, everyone at your event will have fun flying high in the air on our Bungee Trampoline.

That leads me to our last mechanical ride rental, our Dunk Tank. When we first purchased our Dunk Tank, we did it not really expecting it to be either very popular or fun. Boy were we wrong. This thing is always getting rented for parties and events all over Ohio. We've noticed that most of our Ohio Dunk Tank rentals somehow revolve around a playful vengence. Regardless of why the Dunk Tank is rented, it tends to be one of our party rentals that generates the most smiles and laughs.