Competitive & Interactive

Inflatables have cemented themselves as the best way to safely settle arguments and compete against your friends. At Solid Rock Sports, we specialize in fun competitive and interactive inflatable games.
"Great day!! Always enjoy working with staff at Solid Rock Sports. Having a school event with over 600 kids, they are very helpful working with our teaching staff and students!! The day always seem to go smoothly when we rent from them!! Friendly workers are a plus!!"

- Brian

Interactive inflatables are always popular event rentals. There is something about competition that people love, and there is something about inflatable games that just work great for competition between friends. One of the great things about competitive and interactive inflatable rentals, is that everything about them is soft and safe. So, you can let loose your inner animal and knock your friends to the inflatable mat to the cheers of everyone at the party, knowing that your friend will be up on his feet with a smile ready to compete again.

Another thing that we at Solid Rock Sports love so much about interactive inflatable games is that they never get boring. Every competition is different. No one can ever seem to get enough with these inflatables. So grab a friend, then grab another and enjoy yourself on one of our favorite inflatable party rentals. We have some of the best variety of interactive and competitive inflatables to choose from in all of Ohio.